Case Number Parties Short Description
Md. Rafiqul Islam Vs. The State and another
The instant criminal proceeding is not dependent on the decisions of that Artharin Suit and it can be heard and disposed of independently. The proceeding under section 138 of the Negotiable Instrument Act is under a special law that appears to be independent in nature with a very limited to the issue involved in the Artharin Suit or any other suit/case. According to the policy of the Law, criminal cases should be resolved as quickly as possible. Even if there is a civil case related to the same matter that is pending, it is not a valid reason to delay the criminal proceedings that are initiated later.
Md. Mahmudur Rahman Mahmud vs The State
The instant case was lodged on 01.10.2014 though the 10th National Parliamentary Election was held on 5th January 2014 and the name of the elected candidates was published in the Bangladesh Gazette on 08.01.2014. Therefore it is crystal clear that the instant case was lodged violating the provision so enumerated in Article 90 of the Representation of Peoples Order,1972.
Most. Nilufa Begum vs Md. Alamgir Pramanik and another
If the proceeding of the Execution case proceeds and ends by allotment of the Decreed land the Judgment debtor will suffer irreparable loss and injury. Because of the above, it appears to me that the proceedings of the Execution case should be stayed as per the provision so enumerated in Order 21 Rule 29 of the Code of Civil Procedure.
Abdul Baset Khan Baccu vs The State
Since the DNA re-examination report is prepared and available on the record, we are of the view that as the purpose of this Criminal Appeal is resolved the appeal should be disposed of. The order of stay granted by this Court is hereby vacated.
Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir vs The State
Moreover, as the case is still under investigation without creating any impact on the investigation process we can nevertheless, state that the allegations particularly that of an attack on the residence of the Chief Justice, and forcible entrance into that house, a very serious one indeed. The Hon’ble Chief Justice is head of one of three organs of the republic and hence allegation of such an attack may be tantamount to sedition.
Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir VS The State
There are prima facie allegations against the accused petitioner in the First Information Report. After the 5 investigation, police submitted a Police Report against the accused petitioner along with others. We have also found that the charge was framed by the learned Metropolitan Magistrate in total compliance with the provision so enumerated in section 221 / 222 / 223 of the Code of Criminal Procedure., having no scope to interfere with the order.