Case Number Parties Short Description
Md. Ilias Kanchan alias Mohammad llias Kanchan and others
Riad and others
Hafiz and others
Taher Talukder and others Vs Bangladesh and others
Jana Nirapatta
Mohammad Shahjahan Chowdhury vs Bangladesh
SM Badrul Islam, Advocate in person vs Government of Bangladesh
the inaction of respondents in completion of BRT Project upon their legal mandates as well as removing hat bazars over the Gazipur-Mymensingh Highway including roads and highways across the country.
Adv ABM Shahjahan Akanda Masum and another vs Government of Bangladesh and others
a five year old child Ayaan who passed away following a circumcision procedure at United Medical College Hospital at Badda, Dhaka
Md. Azad and 30(thirty) others vs The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and others
the arbitrary and illegal enlistment of new Watchmen in the Watchman Booking Cell and include them in the Booking Ship by the respondents denying to enlist existing watchmen including petitioners in the Booking Cell violating Chapter Three Rule 2.4 and Chapter 4 Rule 3.1 and Chapter Five Rule 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 of the Watchman Management and Direction Procedure (Ju¡QjÉ¡e hÉhÙÛ¡fe¡ J f¢lQ¡me¡ fÜ¢a) should not be declared to have been issued without lawful authority and is of no legal effect
Banichitra Pratisthan limited and another vs Rajdhahi Unnayan Kartipakkha (RAJUK), represented by its (Chairman, RAJUK) Bhaban, RAJUK Avenue, Dilkusha, Dhaka and others
The inaction of the respondent Nos.2-5 in not disposing of the applications dated 31.07.2023 (Annexure-E and E-1) should not be declared to have been done without lawful authority and is of no legal effect and why a direction should not be given upon the respondents to allow the petitioners to demolish the Gulshan Shopping Center Complex situated at Gulshan-1, Dhaka