Judges' List : High Court Division
Name and Short Biography
Justice Salma Masud Chowdhury
Father's Name : Mr. Justice Chowdhury A.T.M. Masud
Mother's Name : Mrs. Aminun Nesa Khatun
Date of Birth : 13/12/1957
Justice Syed Refaat Ahmed
Father's Name : Late Barrister Syed Ishtiaq Ahmed
Mother's Name : Late National Professor Dr. Sufia Ahmed
Date of Birth : 28/12/1958
Justice A. K. M. Asaduzzaman
Father's Name : Late M. A. Samad
Mother's Name : Majeda Khatun
Date of Birth : 01/03/1959
Justice Zubayer Rahman Chowdhury
Father's Name : Late Justice A.F.M. Abdur Rahman Chowdhury
Mother's Name : Begum Sitara Chowdhury
Date of Birth : 18/05/1961
Justice Md. Ataur Rahman Khan
Father's Name : Late Mr. Abdul Gaffar Khan
Mother's Name : Mrs. Amena Khanam
Date of Birth : 01/12/1957
Justice Syed Md. Ziaul Karim
Father's Name : Late Syed Abdul Malek
Mother's Name : Late Anowara Begum
Date of Birth : 12/12/1957
Justice Md. Rezaul Haque
Father's Name : Late Md. Tazimul Hossain
Mother's Name : Mrs. Umme Kulsum Hossain
Date of Birth : 24/04/1960
Justice Sheikh Abdul Awal
Father's Name : Late Sheikh Yousuff Ali
Mother's Name : Late Saleha Begum
Date of Birth : 04/06/1960
Justice S. M. Emdadul Hoque
Father's Name : Late Alhaj Md. Moslem Uddin Sarder
Mother's Name : Late Mrs. Jobeda Akhter
Date of Birth : 07/11/1963
Justice Mamnoon Rahman
Father's Name : Late Advocate Rezaur Rahman
Mother's Name : Late Afsari Rahman
Date of Birth : 09/12/1965
Justice Farah Mahbub
Father's Name : Mahbubur Rahman
Mother's Name : Mrs. Feroja Begum
Date of Birth : 27/05/1966
Justice Naima Haider
Father's Name : Late Justice Badrul Haider Chowdhury
Mother's Name : Mrs. Anwara Haider
Date of Birth : 19/03/1962
Justice Md. Rezaul Hasan
Father's Name : Late Abul Kalam Azad
Mother's Name : Hosneara Begum
Date of Birth : 17/12/1962
Justice Abdur Rob
Father's Name : Late Din Mohammad Mia
Mother's Name : Mst. Safia Khatun
Date of Birth : 10/09/1958
Justice Quazi Reza-Ul Hoque
Father's Name : Late Quazi Azizul Haque
Mother's Name : Late Fazilatunnessa Chowdhury
Date of Birth : 28/11/1958
Justice A.K.M. Zahirul Hoque
Father's Name : Late Alhaj Abdur Rashid Howlader
Mother's Name : Mrs. Safura Khatun
Date of Birth : 31/01/1959
Justice Sheikh Md. Zakir Hossain
Father's Name : Late Kanchan Sheikh
Mother's Name : Most. Noorjahan Begum
Date of Birth : 02/03/1962
Justice Md. Habibul Gani
Father's Name : Alhaj Jahurul Huq Chowdhury
Mother's Name : Late Julekha Begum
Date of Birth : 31/05/1962
Justice Gobinda Chandra Tagore
Father's Name : Late Gurubar Tagore
Mother's Name : Madhumala Tagore
Date of Birth : 15/05/1963
Justice Sheikh Hassan Arif
Father's Name : Late Advocate Faizur Rahaman
Mother's Name : Late Hosne Ara Begum
Date of Birth : 20/04/1967
Justice J. B. M. Hassan
Father's Name : Late A.F.M. Shamsuddin
Mother's Name : Late Nur Mohal Begum
Date of Birth : 10/01/1968
Justice Md. Ruhul Quddus
Father's Name : A F M Azizur Rahman
Mother's Name : Rahela Khatun
Date of Birth : 07/12/1962
Justice Md. Khasruzzaman
Father's Name : Md. Shamsul Haque
Mother's Name : Saria Begum
Date of Birth : 28/10/1968
Justice Farid Ahmed
Father's Name : Late Md. Mahar Ali
Mother's Name : Late Bana Bibi
Date of Birth : 01/01/1960
Justice Md. Nazrul Islam Talukder
Father's Name : Late Sajibuddin Talukder
Mother's Name : Late Sahidan Bibi
Date of Birth : 01/12/1964
Justice Md. Akram Hossain Chowdhury
Father's Name : Md. Belayet Hossain Chowdhury
Mother's Name : Begum Shamsunnahar
Date of Birth : 25/04/1959
Justice Md. Ashraful Kamal
Father's Name : Abdul Gofran
Mother's Name : Ashraf Jahan Begum
Date of Birth : 03/11/1964
Justice K. M. Kamrul Kader
Father's Name : K.M. Fazlul Kader
Mother's Name : Bagum Aysha Kader
Date of Birth : 09/06/1964
Justice Md. Mozibur Rahman Miah
Father's Name : Late Md. Yusuf Ali Miah
Mother's Name : Late Mst. Sharifa Khatun
Date of Birth : 04/07/1965
Justice Mustafa Zaman Islam
Father's Name : Late. Muzaharul Islam
Mother's Name : Rokeya Khaton
Date of Birth : 10/02/1968
Justice Mohammad Ullah
Father's Name : Mr. Shakhawat Ullah
Mother's Name : Mst. Afrazunnessa
Date of Birth : 18/03/1970
Justice Muhammad Khurshid Alam Sarkar
Father's Name : Alhaj M. A. Sattar Sarkar.
Mother's Name : Mrs. Asma Sattar
Date of Birth : 01/03/1972
Justice Shahidul Karim
Father's Name : A.K.M. Rezaul Karim
Mother's Name : Mst. Saleha Begum
Date of Birth : 11/03/1958
Justice Md. Jahangir Hossain
Father's Name : Dr. Md. Helal Uddin Hossain
Mother's Name : Sakhina Begum
Date of Birth : 01/02/1959
Justice Abu Taher Md. Saifur Rahman
Father's Name : Md. Abdul Jabber Sarker
Mother's Name : Mrs. Umme Salma Khatun
Date of Birth : 31/12/1966
Justice Ashish Ranjan Das
Father's Name : Late Jogesh Chandra Das
Mother's Name : Gayatri Das
Date of Birth : 29/01/1958
Justice Mahmudul Hoque
Father's Name : Late Noor Hossain
Mother's Name : Late Mabiya Khatun
Date of Birth : 13/12/1958
Justice Md. Badruzzaman
Father's Name : Late Md. Sadar Uddin Mondal
Mother's Name : Ms. Sahar Banu
Date of Birth : 06/09/1969
Justice Zafar Ahmed
Father's Name : Nazir Ahmed Bhuiyan
Mother's Name : Rokey Begum
Date of Birth : 04/01/1970
Justice Kazi Md. Ejarul Haque Akondo
Father's Name : Late Md. Ismail Hossain Akondo
Mother's Name : Most. Hasina Begum
Date of Birth : 24/05/1971
Justice Khizir Ahmed Choudhury
Father's Name : Aklakul Ambia Choudhury
Mother's Name : Jahanara Khanom Choudhury
Date of Birth : 24/11/1959
Justice Razik-Al-Jalil
Father's Name : Late Justice Md. Abdul Jalil
Mother's Name : Late Syeda Hazera Jalil
Date of Birth : 22/11/1962
Justice Bhishmadev Chakrabortty
Father's Name : Keshab Chakrabortty
Mother's Name : Suniti Chakrabortty
Date of Birth : 02/07/1967
Justice Md. Iqbal Kabir
Father's Name : Dr. Md. Tojammal Hoque
Mother's Name : Most. Ayasha Khatoon
Date of Birth : 10/11/1967
Justice Md. Salim
Father's Name : Late Md. Jamal Uddin
Mother's Name : Late Asiyea Khanum
Date of Birth : 11/09/1969
Justice Md. Shohrowardi
Father's Name : Late Md. Edrish Ali
Mother's Name : Late Jumela Khatoon
Date of Birth : 05/12/1970
Justice A. S. M. Abdul Mobin
Father's Name : Late A. Hye, Advocate
Mother's Name : Musammat Shamsunnessa Khanam
Date of Birth : 05/02/1959
Justice Md. Mostafizur Rahman
Father's Name : Late Zainal Abedin
Mother's Name : Mrs. Monjuara Begum
Date of Birth : 13/02/1959
Justice Fatema Najib
Father's Name : Md. Abdul Basir Chowdhury
Mother's Name : Late Hosne Ara Begum
Date of Birth : 11/07/1959
Justice Md. Kamrul Hossain Mollah
Father's Name : Late Mizanur Rahman Mollah
Mother's Name : Late Zebun Nesha Begum
Date of Birth : 01/01/1960
Justice S M Kuddus Zaman
Father's Name : Late S M Hamizuddin
Mother's Name : Late Hamida Begum
Date of Birth : 12/08/1960
Justice Md. Atoar Rahman
Father's Name : Late Alhaj Minhaj Uddin
Mother's Name : Late Lutfun Nesa
Date of Birth : 04/05/1961
Justice Khizir Hayat
Father's Name : Shahid Abdul Kader Molla
Mother's Name : Late Jamila Khatun
Date of Birth : 24/01/1967
Justice Sashanka Shekhar Sarkar
Father's Name : Manindra Nath Sarkar
Mother's Name : Sushila Prova Sarkar
Date of Birth : 06/06/1968
Justice Mohammad Ali
Father's Name : Mohammad Anwar
Mother's Name : Mrs. Badiuzzamel
Date of Birth : 15/12/1969
Justice Mohi Uddin Shamim
Father's Name : Late Tofail Ahmed Miah
Mother's Name : Late Umdatun Nesa
Date of Birth : 19/05/1970
Justice Md. Riaz Uddin Khan
Father's Name : Bazlur Rahman Khan
Mother's Name : Ummey Kulsum Anwara Begum
Date of Birth : 15/12/1970
Justice Md. Khairul Alam
Father's Name : Md. Abdul Mazed Miah
Mother's Name : Mst. Sufia Khatun
Date of Birth : 15/11/1971
Justice S. M. Maniruzzaman
Father's Name : Late Kosim Uddin
Mother's Name : Late Aklima Begum
Date of Birth : 01/02/1972
Justice Ahmed Sohel
Father's Name : Late Justice Muhammad Ansar Ali
Mother's Name : Mrs. Raushan Ara Begum
Date of Birth : 13/03/1972
Justice Sardar Md. Rashed Jahangir
Father's Name : Late Sardar Md Janangir
Mother's Name : Begum Rawshan Akter Banu
Date of Birth : 05/12/1972
Justice Khandaker Diliruzzaman
Father's Name : Late Khandaker Habibur Rahman
Mother's Name : Late Nurjahan Khandaker
Date of Birth : 23/04/1973
Justice K. M. Hafizul Alam
Father's Name : K.M. Amir Hossain
Mother's Name : Hasina Begum
Date of Birth : 03/03/1974
Justice Muhammad Mahbub Ul Islam
Father's Name : Alhaj Muzaffar Ahmad
Mother's Name : Zubaida Muzaffar
Date of Birth : 02/12/1958
Justice Shahed Nuruddin
Father's Name : Late Md. Abdul Jalil
Mother's Name : Late Nurun Nahar Begum
Date of Birth : 01/02/1960
Justice Md. Zakir Hossain
Father's Name : Late Syed Ahamed
Mother's Name : Late Maymena Khatun
Date of Birth : 01/01/1963
Justice Md. Akhtaruzzaman
Father's Name : Late Rais Uddin
Mother's Name : Late Marium Khatun
Date of Birth : 01/01/1966
Justice Md. Mahmud Hassan Talukder
Father's Name : Motiur Rahman Talukder
Mother's Name : Monowara Begum
Date of Birth : 07/01/1966
Justice Kazi Ebadoth Hossain
Father's Name : Kazi Mohammad Hossain
Mother's Name : Late Golejan Begum
Date of Birth : 01/10/1969
Justice K M Zahid Sarwar
Father's Name : Advocate M G Sarwar Husain
Mother's Name : Bilkis Romman
Date of Birth : 01/01/1971
Justice A. K. M. Zahirul Huq
Father's Name : Late Md. Fazlur Rahman
Mother's Name : Mrs. Samsun Naher
Date of Birth : 15/02/1971
Justice Kazi Zinat Hoque
Father's Name : Justice Kazi Ebadul Hoque
Mother's Name : Professor Dr. Sharifa Khatun
Date of Birth : 14/10/1974
Justice Mohammad Showkat Ali Chowdhury
Father's Name : Mohammad Shah Alam Chowdhury
Mother's Name : Nur Nahar Begum
Date of Birth : 06/10/1962
Justice Md. Atabullah
Father's Name : Late Md. Robiullah
Mother's Name : Late Manikjan Bibi
Date of Birth : 01/11/1963
Justice Biswajit Debnath
Father's Name : Late Anil Kumar Debnath
Mother's Name : Prova Rani Debnath
Date of Birth : 01/04/1963
Justice Md. Aminul Islam
Father's Name : Late Abdus Sobhan Howlader
Mother's Name : Mrs. Nurjahan Begum
Date of Birth : 02/12/1963
Justice Md. Ali Reza
Father's Name : Late Md. Nowsher Ali (Advocate)
Mother's Name : Late Mrs. Meherun Nesa
Date of Birth : 23/01/1964
Justice Md. Bazlur Rahman
Father's Name : Md. Sirajuddin Howlader
Mother's Name : Chanboru
Date of Birth : 05/06/1964
Justice K. M. Emrul Kayesh
Father's Name : Late Md. Layek Hossain Kazi
Mother's Name : Late Saburronissa
Date of Birth : 25/05/1966
Justice Fahmida Quader
Father's Name : Late Abdul Kader Talukder (Former Joint Secretary Ministry of Law and Parliamentary Affairs)
Mother's Name : Late Maksuda Kader
Date of Birth : 08/06/1966
Justice Md. Bashir Ullah
Father's Name : Hafez Saifullah
Mother's Name : Late Mabiya Khatun Milan
Date of Birth : 31/12/1967
Justice S M Masud Hossain Dolon
Father's Name : Abdul Mannan Miah
Mother's Name : Mrs. Rabeya Begum
Date of Birth : 01/01/1973
Justice A. K. M. Rabiul Hassan
Father's Name : Md. Abul Kashem
Mother's Name : Mrs. Khushnahar Begum
Date of Birth : 30/10/1974
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