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1. 13 2020 Govt. of Bangladesh
Abdul Mannan & ors.
13 SCOB [2020] AD

Abandoned property, suit for specific performance contract;
In the suit for specific performance of contract the declaration of the suit property is not an abandoned property, is beyond the scope of the suit and such declaration has no legal value at all.
In a suit for specific performance of contract the only issue to be decided whether the contract was genuine or not and as such, though the Government is made a party to a suit for specific performance of contract as a requirement of law it is not bound by the decree.
2. 13 2020 Mahbubul Anam
Ministry of Land & ors.

Cancellation of lease, preservation of ecological balance and protection of natural resources;
Cancellation of long term lease granted by the government for the purpose of constructing hotels in the hotel/motel zone of Cox’s Bazar:
Dismissing the review petitions, the Court directed that all leases within Jhilanja Mouza of Cox’s Bazar granted after 19.04.1999 be cancelled in the same way as those of the writ-petitioners and any constructions made thereon be demolished; the leaseholders shall be compansated for their loss due to such cancellation/demolition.
It was further directed that henceforth no lease shall be granted within Jhilanja Mouza or any area which has been classified as ecologically critical area.
3. 13 2020 State
Abu Hanifa @ Hanif Uddin

13 SCOB [2020] AD State Vs. Abu Hanifa @ Hanif Uddin (MIRZA HUSSAIN HAIDER, J)
Section 84 of the Penal Code and plea of unsoundness of mind;
On a plain reading of the aforesaid provisions of law and on scrutinizing the materials on record, specifically the Medical reports (Exhibits-A,B,C and D), submitted by the DWs we have already found that the defence has been able to prove that the accused-respondent was of unsound mind from 22.6.1999 i.e. 8(eight) months after the date of occurrence (13.10.1998) but failed to prove the same, prior to that date. Since the defence failed to prove its plea of unsoundness of mind of the accused-respondent, at the time of commission of the offence on 13.10.1998, as required under section 84 of the Penal Code and section 105 of the Evidence Act by providing sufficient evidence, he cannot get any benefit under section 84 of the Penal Code nor under Chapter XXXIV of the Criminal Procedure Code. Plea of insanity or of unsoundness of mind of the accused-respondent being not prima facie found, the Court is not obligated to take recourse to the provisions as laid down in Chapter XXXIV of the Criminal Procedure Code.
4. 13 2020 The State
Abdur Razzak & ors.

(Hasan Foez Siddique, J)
13 SCOB [2020] AD
Absorption and doctrine of legitimate expectation;
1. The legitimate expectation would not override the statutory provision. The doctrine of legitimate expectation can not be invoked for creation of posts to facilitate absorption in the offices of the regular cadres/non cadres. Creation of permanent posts is a matter for the employer and the same is based on policy decision.
2. While transferring any development project and its manpower to revenue budget the provisions provided in the notifications, government orders and circulars quoted earlier must be followed. However, it is to be remembered that executive power can be exercised only to fill in the gaps and the same cannot and should not supplant the law, but only supplement the law.
3. Before regularization of service of the officers and employees of the development project in the revenue budget the provisions of applicable “Bidhimala” must be complied with. Without exhausting the applicable provisions of the “Bidhimala” as quoted above no one is entitled to be regularised in the service of revenue budget since those are statutory provisions.
4. The appointing authority, while regularising the officers and employees in the posts of revenue budget, must comply with the requirements of statutory rules in order to remove future complication. The officers and employees of the development project shall get age relaxation for participation in selection process in any post of revenue budget as per applicable Rules.
5. A mandamus can not be issued in government and its instrumentalities to make anyone regularized in the permanent posts as of right. Any appointment in the posts described in the schedule of Bangladesh Civil Service Recruitment Rules, 1981, Gazetted Officers (Department of Live Stock Service) Recruitment Rules, 1984 and Non-gazetted Employees (Department of Live Stock Service) Recruitment Rules, 1985 bypassing Public Service Commission should be treated as back door appointment and such appointment should be stopped.
6. To become a member of the service in a substantive capacity, appointment by the President of the Republic shall be preceded by selection by a direct recruitment by the PSC. The Government has to make appointment according to recruitment Rules by open competitive examination through the PSC.
7. Opportunity shall be given to eligible persons by inviting applications through public notification and appointment should be made by regular recruitment through the prescribed agency following legally approved method consistent with the requirements of law.
8. It is not the role of the Courts to encourage or approve appointments made outside the constitutional scheme and statutory provisions. It is not proper for the Courts to direct absorption in permanent employment of those who have been recruited without following due process of selection as envisaged by the constitutional scheme.
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