Case Number Parties Short Description
Debobrata Das alias Debu Das Vs. The State
Khayrul Sheikh and others
Ilias Mondal being dead substituted by his legal heirs Sufia Bewa and others Vs Hazrat Ali being dead his heirs Md. Aminul Islam and others
Md. Anis Miah vs The State
Saleha Khanam and two others versus Shamsul Haque and others
Md. Billal Hossain and another vs Md. ShawkatAli and ten others
Md. Abdur Razzaque and twelve others vs Md. Kabir Hossain and two others
Md. Hafiz Ibrahim vs The State and another
Kalon vs The State
Siddique Farazi vs The State
Abdul Quddus Khan Salafi Vs. The State
The State Vs. Md. Abdul Mazid and another
Md. Faizul Islam and another Vs. Bangladesh and others
Hazi Safiuddin Ahmed Vs. The Administrator of Waqfs Bangladesh and others
Sections 32(4), 34, 43, 44 , 51 of the Waqfs Ordinance, 1962 Power of the Administrator in respect of appointment of Mutawalli : The Waqfs Ordinance does not empower the Administrator of Waqfs to appoint mutawalli of a waqf estate in a casual manner or as a routine work. Save under exceptional situations/circumstances detailed in the various provisions of the Waqfs Ordinance as discussed above the Administrator has no authority or jurisdiction to appoint mutawalli of any waqf estate. In a normal situation i.e where the terms of the waqf deed in respect of appointment of mutawalli is clear and unambiguous and not inconsistent with Mahomedan Law or there is no dispute to be settled by the Court the prospective mutawalli would assume the office of mutawalli in terms of waqf deed and in that case the provisions of section 51 would follow.