Officer's List : Appellate Division
Name and Designation
Mr. Mohammad Mehdi Hasan
Deputy Registrar
Contact :
Mr. Md. Abu Taher Bhuiyan
Assistant Registrar (Printing)
Contact :
Mr. Zahirul Alam Bhuiyan
Assistant Registrar (Administration)
Contact :
Mohammad Sajjad Khan
Assistant Registrar
Contact :
Mr. Md. Yousuf Ali
P.S. to Hon`ble Chief Justice
Contact :
Mr. Istiaque Uddin Ahmad
Superintendent (Judicial)
Contact :
Mr. Ram Chandra Banik
Superintendent (Administration)
Contact :
Mrs. Saima Aktar
Superintendent (Printing)
Contact :
Mr. Md Alamgir Hossain Khan
Court Officer
Contact :
Mr. Md Nasirul Islam
Contact :
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