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Legal Aid
Even after passing the Legal Aid Act 2000, it was not possible to provide service to the justice seekers due to the absence of required rules on providing legal aid at the highest court of the land. In 2010, National Legal Aid Service Organization provided only Jail Appeal to the people who are socially and financially vulnerable through 37 lawyers who were included into the panel. After that, National Legal Aid Service Organization (NLASO) and Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) jointly took the initiative to conduct a survey on how legal aid can be provided by the govt. and accordingly assigned Barrister Tanjib-ul-Alam to conduct the survey and later he submitted the study paper on it. An advisory committee was also established and then the Director of National Legal Aid Service Organization and present honorable Register General of Bangladesh Supreme Court Syed Aminul Islam was the head of the committee. After intense observation on the report prepared on the basis of the findings, the advisory committee recommended enacting and publishing the Legal Aid Regulation 2015. The publication of the regulation as gazette notification created the scope of a new beginning on the way of providing legal aid at the highest court of the land. The recently published gazette includes the issues regarding increasing fees of lawyers, jurisdiction of filling cases and some other related issues as well.
However, on 8th September, 2015 honorable chief justice of Bangladesh Surendra Kumar Sinha officially inaugurated the Supreme Court Legal Aid Office. The Supreme Court committee was comprised of 10 members and then the honorable justice of the high court Mr. Nizamul Huq as the chairman of the committee. Later on, 2 members were included as observers. Recently the founder chairman of the committee Justice Mr. Nizamul Huq has been elevated to Appellate Division of the Supreme Court and currently honorable Chief Justice of Bangladesh Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha appointed honorable Justice M. Enayetur Rahim as the chairman of the committee.
The committee provides the following aids to the persons whose yearly income is not more than 1, 50,000 /= taka:
1. Civil Appeal & Revision.
2. Criminal Appeal & Revision
3. Jail Appeal
4. Writ Petition
5. Leave to Appeal

Supreme Court Legal Aid office is also providing the following aids:
o Legal advice
o Filling and dealing cases
o Expert opinion on the merit of the case
o Bearing the actual cost
Recently to handle the cases under the observation of the govt. Supreme Court Legal Aid Committee appointed 77 lawyers at the High Court Division and 6 lawyers at the Appellate Division.
Link to : National Legal Aid Services Organization, Bangladesh
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